Throughout the core rulebooks we will be sharing in the trials and tribulations (and occasional successes) of our erstwhile heroine, Philomena Bucket. Philomena’s role is to demonstrate aspects of the rules and how some of the trickier situations can be handled either by players or MCs.

So, according to the dice:-

Philomena is of average build (STR 11) but a little sickly (CON 8). She could well appear a little pale and wan. However, her manual dexterity is good. She is not stubborn but can possibly be manipulated (WILL 10) but is of above average intelligence. She gets on pretty well with people (CHA 11) and is naturally drawn towards things spiritual (PSY 15).

More interestingly, when I rolled on the character background events table, she turned out to not just be pale, but a fully-fledged albino.

One of the real joys of working on this project is the close collaboration with Tom and Nimue, a result of which is the following illustration of the character who will be accompanying you in your travels.

I give you, Philomena Bucket. Can’t wait to see her wielding a frying pan in anger.



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